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Kerala High Court seeks Response on Plea Against 'The Kerala Story'

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According to recent reports, the Kerala High Court has sought the response of the central government and the producers of the film 'The Kerala Story' in response to a plea seeking a stay on the film. The court has asked whether the matter is pending before the Supreme Court and stated that it would not be right for the High Court to interfere if the matter is already being considered by the Apex Court.

The plea was filed by Advocate Anoop VR, who

is also the state office bearer of an NGO called the Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle. The petitioner sought the removal of all incorrect and unverified statements and scenes derogatory to the Muslim community and to the State of Kerala, from the film as it is now intended to be showcased.

The petitioner further contended that the movie is inspired by true stories, which would give the impression that massive conversions are taking place in Kerala, thereby diminishing the dignity of the State and

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its people as a whole. The petitioner contended that the film possesses the capability of causing a disturbance to public order, decency, and morality, especially among women and the Muslim community. The concerns raised by the petitioner underscore the potential for the film to incite a sense of disruption, chaos, and moral corruption, which can have far-reaching implications for society. Such apprehensions highlight the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the potential impact of the movie and the implementation of appropriate measures

to address any concerns.

In addition, the petitioner argued that the release of the movie would only destroy the secular fabric of the State and deliberately paint Kerala in a negative light. The petitioner emphasized that the State of Kerala is known for its communal harmony and secular outlook.

It remains to be seen how the central government and the producers of the movie will respond to the plea, and whether the Kerala High Court will ultimately issue a stay on the film's release.


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