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Karnataka High Court Rules Online Skill Games Not Taxable under GST Act: Implications and Relief for Gaming Companies

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In a significant judgment, the Karnataka High Court has declared that online skill games, including rummy, are not taxable under the Central Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act. This ruling brings relief to gaming companies, such as Gameskraft Technologies Pvt Ltd, who faced a show cause notice demanding a staggering ₹21,000 crore in GST payments. The court's decision highlights the distinction between games of skill and gambling, clarifying their non-taxable status under the GST Act.

Understanding the Ruling:
Justice S.R. Krishna Kumar, in his judgment on the petition filed by Gameskraft Technologies Pvt Ltd, emphasized that online skill games should not be considered as 'betting' or 'gambling' for the purposes of the GST Act. The court stated that the terms 'betting' and 'gambling' hold a specific legal meaning and are not applicable to online/electronic/digital rummy or

other online/electronic/digital skill-based games. The judgment further highlighted that games like rummy, whether played with or without stakes, as well as other similar digital games predominantly based on skill, should not fall under the ambit of 'betting' and 'gambling' mentioned in Entry 6 of Schedule III to the CGST Act.

Implications for Gaming Companies:
The Karnataka High Court's ruling has far-reaching implications for gaming companies offering online skill games. Key implications include:

1. GST Exemption: Online skill games, such as rummy, will not be subject to the 28% GST rate. The ruling confirms that gaming companies can pay GST only on the platform fees collected from players, rather than the entire sum pooled in by players to play the game. This exemption reduces the financial burden on gaming companies and promotes their continued operations.

2. Legal Clarity: The

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ruling provides legal clarity by distinguishing games of skill from gambling activities. It affirms that games of skill, whether played online or offline, do not fall under the definition of 'betting' and 'gambling' in the GST Act. This clarity protects gaming companies from undue tax liabilities and ensures a conducive regulatory environment for the online gaming industry.

3. Industry Growth: The judgment contributes to the growth of the online gaming industry, allowing companies to operate without the fear of excessive taxation. The ruling recognizes the skill-based nature of online games and encourages the development of innovative platforms and offerings. It provides a favorable environment for gaming companies to expand their user base and contribute to the digital economy.

4. Legal Precedent: The Karnataka High Court's ruling sets a precedent for other courts and regulatory authorities to

follow. It strengthens the position that games of skill should be treated differently from games of chance or gambling. This precedent may influence future judgments and regulatory decisions related to the taxation and legality of online skill games.

The Karnataka High Court's landmark ruling declaring online skill games exempt from taxation under the GST Act is a significant development for the gaming industry. The decision brings relief to gaming companies by affirming the non-taxable status of games like rummy and emphasizing the distinction between skill-based games and gambling. The ruling provides clarity, protects the interests of gaming companies, and promotes the growth of the online gaming industry. As the legal landscape evolves, it is crucial for gaming companies to remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations while capitalizing on the opportunities presented by this favorable judgment.


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