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Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai Concedes Defeat as Congress Takes Early Lead

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In a surprising turn of events, the ruling BJP faced a setback as the Congress party took an early lead in the Karnataka assembly elections. By noon, the Congress had secured a comfortable lead in 117 seats, surpassing the majority mark, while the BJP lagged behind. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who is also a BJP candidate, acknowledged the

defeat and expressed the need for a detailed analysis once the final results are declared.

The BJP leaders waited for the counting to conclude before assessing the reasons behind the possible loss. Meanwhile, Congress workers and leaders celebrated the party's potential victory, with Congress leader Siddaramaiah confidently predicting a win with over 120 seats. CM Bommai gracefully accepted the early

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emphasizing the party's commitment to analyzing shortcomings and bouncing back in the future.

As CM Bommai left the BJP office, his convoy encountered enthusiastic Congress supporters in Haveri, celebrating their party's success in the Karnataka Assembly elections. The Congress, eager to reverse its electoral fortunes and establish itself as the primary opposition force in the upcoming national elections, celebrated with

early enthusiasm at their party headquarters in Bengaluru and Delhi.

With the Congress maintaining its lead in the Karnataka assembly elections, the BJP's analysis of the defeat and its strategies for future elections will be closely watched. Simultaneously, the Congress aims to leverage its current advantage to strengthen its position as a formidable opposition party in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.


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