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PM Modi's Open Letter Ahead of Karnataka Assembly Elections Highlights BJP's Development Plans

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In anticipation of the upcoming Assembly elections in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written an open letter to the people of the state, conveying his appreciation and affection towards them. In the letter, he also emphasizes his party's dedication towards advancing the state's development. The ruling BJP in Karnataka is aiming to overcome a 38-year-old anti-incumbency trend in the state as it strives to secure a second consecutive term, making the release of the

open letter particularly timely.

In his letter, PM Modi expressed his ambition to make India a developed nation and emphasized the role that Karnataka could play in realizing this vision. "India is the fifth-largest economy. According to the Prime Minister, India's goal of reaching the top three economies globally can only be achieved if Karnataka grows at a fast pace to become a $1 trillion economy.

The PM also highlighted the BJP government's commitment to creating next-gen

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urban infrastructure in Karnataka, modernizing transport, raising the quality of life in rural and urban areas, and creating opportunities for women and youth. He noted that Karnataka had received over ₹90,000 crore annually as foreign investment during the COVID-19 pandemic under the BJP government, as opposed to only around ₹30,000 crore under the previous government.

The BJP has fielded 224 candidates for the Karnataka Assembly elections, while the Congress has fielded 223 and the JD(S) has

fielded 207. Voting will take place on May 10, and the counting of the votes will be done on May 13.

PM Modi, in a video message, encouraged the voters of Karnataka to participate in the elections and vote on the election day to make the state the top-ranked one. The PM's open letter to the people of Karnataka highlights the BJP's commitment to the state's development and its ambition to make India a developed nation.


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