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PM Modi to hold massive 36.6 km roadshow in Bengaluru ahead of Karnataka Assembly polls

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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to hold a massive 36.6-kilometre roadshow on May 6, 2023, in Bengaluru. The roadshow is part of the BJP's campaigning for the upcoming Assembly polls in Karnataka, scheduled for May 10. According to Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha member P C Mohan, the roadshow will traverse through the city's 17 Assembly constituencies, where from 11 am to 1 pm he covers 10.1 kilometres and from 4 pm to 10 pm he covers 26.5 kilometres.

Modi's upcoming roadshow is

expected to be a grand spectacle, drawing huge crowds of supporters and onlookers alike. This is not the first time Modi has held such a massive roadshow in Bengaluru. On April 29, he conducted a 5.3-kilometre-long roadshow that passed through various locations in the city, including Magadi Road, Nice Road Junction, and Sumanahalli.

The roadshow is a crucial part of BJP's campaigning strategy in the upcoming Assembly polls. It provides an opportunity for the party to showcase its strength and popularity in the state.

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Modi's roadshow is expected to energize the party's cadre and boost their morale ahead of the crucial polls. The BJP is hoping to retain power in the state by winning a majority of the 224 seats in the Assembly.

The upcoming roadshow is also expected to be a logistical challenge for the administration. The authorities will have to ensure adequate security measures are in place to prevent any untoward incidents during the event. Traffic management will also be a key issue, given the length

of the roadshow and the number of people expected to attend.

The Karnataka Assembly polls are scheduled for May 10, and the results will be out on May 13. The polls are seen as a crucial test for the BJP's popularity in the southern state. The party currently holds power in the state, and the upcoming polls will determine whether it can retain its position or not. The roadshow by Modi is expected to be a key factor in shaping the outcome of the polls.


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