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Meet the 103 year old grandmother who's the ultimate Toronto Maple Leafs fan

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Hockey is more than just a game in Canada; it's a passion that runs deep in the veins of its people. Hockey fans are known for their unwavering support for their favorite teams, and this is evident in the story of Ryan O'Reilly's grandmother, who, at the remarkable age of 103, is expressing her backing for the Toronto Maple Leafs all the way from Seaforth, Ontario.

In this Holistic SEO-optimized article, we will discuss the heartwarming story of Snook's Granny and how her support for the Maple Leafs has inspired the team to keep fighting in the playoffs. We will delve into the importance of family and community in sports, and how the passion for the game can bring people together.

The Story of Snook's Granny
Ryan O'Reilly's grandmother, affectionately known as "Snook's Granny," is a die-hard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. She

resides in an old age home in Seaforth, Ontario, but that has not stopped her from supporting her favorite team. Alongside other residents and staff at her old age home, Snook's Granny gathered wearing Maple Leafs gear to watch Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Second Round against the Florida Panthers.

Ryan's dad, Brian, shared photos and a video on Twitter, showcasing Snook's Granny chanting "Go Leafs, Go." The video went viral, with hockey fans from all over the world expressing their admiration for Snook's Granny's dedication to the team.

The Importance of Family and Community in Sports
Hockey is not just a game; it's a way of life for many Canadians. The passion for the game is passed down from one generation to the next, and it's this sense of community that makes hockey so special. Snook's Granny's unwavering support for the Maple

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is a testament to the power of family and community in sports.

Ryan O'Reilly, a native of Clinton, Ontario, joined the Maple Leafs in his first season with the team after being traded from the St. Louis Blues. In the playoffs, he has contributed nine points (three goals, six assists) in ten games. He previously won the Stanley Cup with the Blues in 2019.

Ryan's mom, Bonnie, also demonstrates her support by proudly displaying a Maple Leafs flag on their home's fence. Reflecting on his mom's passion for the game, Ryan mentioned that she takes losses harder than he does. She sometimes refrains from speaking to anyone for a day after a defeat. Nevertheless, he appreciates her unwavering dedication and the advice she offers, which often boils down to "kick some [butt]."

The Power of Passion and Dedication
Snook's Granny's dedication to the Maple Leafs

an inspiration to us all. At 103 years old, she remains Ryan O'Reilly's biggest fan and a source of motivation for the team. Despite facing a 3-1 series deficit against the Panthers, the Maple Leafs aim to stay alive by winning Game 5. The overwhelming support from fans, including Ryan's family, serves as a motivating factor for the team as they navigate the playoffs.

The power of passion and dedication cannot be underestimated in sports. It's what drives athletes to train harder, push their limits, and give it their all on the ice. It's what brings fans together and creates a sense of community that goes beyond the game.

In conclusion, Snook's Granny's unwavering support for the Toronto Maple Leafs is a heartwarming story that highlights the importance of family, community, and passion in sports. Her dedication to the team, even at the remarkable


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