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The Controversial Decision: Resting Jarrod Croker's 300th Milestone Game

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Ricky Stuart, the Canberra Raiders' coach in the NRL, has sparked controversy with his decision to rest Jarrod Croker, the team's captain, in what would have been his 300th game milestone. This move has not only drawn criticism for disrespecting the Tigers, the NRL, and the competition's integrity but has also left fans and followers of Croker disappointed. While some may view this decision as a kind gesture, it fails to consider the desires and aspirations of the player himself, who has shown unwavering loyalty to the Raiders throughout his career. In an era marked by player mobility, Croker's milestone achievement is a testament to his resilience and determination. However, at 32 years old, with injuries taking their toll, Croker's priorities may soon shift. This article delves into the controversy surrounding Stuart's decision and the potential consequences it holds for the team, the player, and the state of New South Wales.

The Significance of Jarrod Croker's 300th Milestone

Jarrod Croker's achievement of playing 300 games for the Canberra Raiders holds immense significance in an era dominated by player movement. Unlike

many modern-day players who frequently change clubs, Croker has dedicated his entire career to the Green Machine. His unwavering commitment to the Raiders, spanning 14 years and nine under Stuart's coaching, is commendable. In a time where loyalty often takes a backseat to financial incentives and personal ambitions, Croker's achievement stands as a testament to his character and devotion to his team.

The Journey of a Tenacious Player

Jarrod Croker's path to success has been marked by numerous challenges. He has faced chronic knee and shoulder injuries that threatened to derail his career. Nevertheless, through sheer determination and perseverance, he fought his way back to the top grade, refusing to be sidelined or settle for a career in lower tiers. His resilience and unwavering commitment to the sport make him an inspiring role model for young players striving to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

The Dilemma of Resting Jarrod Croker

Although reports suggest that Croker is comfortable with the decision to be rested for his milestone game, it is evident that deep down, he would have preferred to play. As a

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consummate team player and someone in his thirties, Croker understands the importance of managing his body and prolonging his career. However, with recent stints in lower tiers and lingering injuries, the reality of his career's impending end becomes tangible. The desire to celebrate his milestone in front of his home crowd is natural, yet circumstances and Stuart's decision have deprived him of that opportunity.

Stuart's Decision and Potential Ramifications

Ricky Stuart's choice to rest Croker raises questions about its potential consequences. With the team performing well since the captain's return and facing injury challenges in the backline, the decision may adversely affect the team's performance. Losing the game and missing out on a spot in the top eight would intensify the controversy. Additionally, Croker's replacement may seize the opportunity to prove their worth and make a case for their continued inclusion in the team. Furthermore, unforeseen circumstances such as a Covid-20 outbreak or other unexpected events could complicate matters and further scrutinize Stuart's decision.

The Impact on New South Wales

Considering the scarcity of quality centers for the New South Wales team,

Croker's exclusion from his milestone game raises questions about his potential involvement in the State of Origin series. With his experience and skills, he could be a valuable asset to the team, even in a limited role. Given the challenges faced by New South Wales in assembling a competitive squad, the decision to rest Croker may have implications beyond the Canberra Raiders.


Ricky Stuart's decision to rest Jarrod Croker in his 300th milestone game has generated controversy and discontent among fans and observers. While some acknowledge the rarity and significance of a one-club 300-gamer, delaying the celebration and potentially impacting the team's performance raises valid concerns. Croker's unwavering loyalty and tenacity make him an iconic figure in the sport, and his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring players. As his career progresses and challenges mount, Croker's priorities may shift, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and celebrating milestones when they arise. The consequences of Stuart's decision, both on and off the field, remain to be seen, but its impact will undoubtedly resonate among fans, teammates, and the rugby league community.


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