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UN warns of 1.5 billion dollars funding gap for aid in Sudan

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The UN has reported that the $1.75 billion joint appeal for aid in Sudan in 2024 is only 14% funded, leaving a funding gap of $1.5 billion. This comes as the country faces ongoing violence and displacement, with 100,000

Sudanese people leaving the country and 334,000 internally displaced. Medical facilities are also deteriorating rapidly, with increasing numbers of hospitals out of service and attacks on ambulances.

The collapse of the health system in the city of Geneina has forced

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several agencies to carry out “emergency evacuations” for their teams, and Doctors Without Borders has halted almost all activities in West Darfur due to the fighting.

The UN is aiming to send aid to Sudan as quickly as possible, and

other countries are offering to assist in mediation efforts to end the violence. Former Sudanese prime minister Abdalla Hamdok has also called for a far-reaching international effort to stop the conflict, outlining a five-point plan to kick-start peace talks.


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